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Kindergarten News for October 31st


October 31, 2022 Newsletter

This week in Kindergarten we will…

  • Review Letters and Letter Sounds

  • Segment & Spell (example /m/ /a/ /t/ your child will write mat in the box.

  • Practice sounding out -at, -ap, -it, -an, -ck sounds.

  • Practice reading, writing and spelling the words do, you, let, his, it, has, had

  • Review Sight Words: do, you, let, his, has, had, no, yes, white, if, I, a, is, in, it, an, little, big, see, the, can, to, who, am, what

  • Practice recognizing and writing our last names on 3 lines

  • Introduce the weekly storyA Bed for the Winterit is found on Youtube. Read the story in our readers Hats

  • Introduce Amazing Words (this is our lesson vocabulary words): meadow, den, beehive, nest, stump, tree trunk

  • Review Colors and Color Words

  • Recognize 2 dimensional shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, oval, pentagon, octagon, hexagon). Describe how many sides/corners

  • Recognize 3 dimensional shapes (cube, cylinder, pyramid, cone, trapezoid)

  • Count up to at least 50 without missing numbers in the sequence.

  • Count items and tell how many. Write numerals correctly.

  • Count objects up to at least 20.

  • Write numbers up to 11-20.

  • Identify number names up to twenty

  • Identify Special Titles (Mrs. Miss. Ms. Mr. Dr. Rev.)

  • Review Skip Counting 2s up to 24. Introduce Skip Counting 3s up to 36.


Your child will have a Spelling & Reading Test (Friday). It is important for your child to be prepared.


Written homework in the notebook is written on three (3) lines. All homework is to be done in your child’s handwriting. Please do not allow your child to skip any pages in the notebook. I will not search for homework. All homework for the day should be written on one (1) sheet. Your child may write on the back of the page. Please make sure the date is written on the homework.


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