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1st Grade Homework - 1st Quarter Exams Study Guide Sheet 

WEEK OF: October 3rd  – October 7th, 202 Teachers: D. Broussard & E. Bell














Exams Dates


Reviewing Skills Daily

No Written Homework

Review with someone at home in the Reader.

*Reread your stories in book, or (Students can reread stories online)

Sam, Come Back!, pp. 12-23             Pig in a Wig, pp. 32 –45           

A Big Blue Ox, pp. 54 – 65               A Fox and a Kit, pp. 76 -87   

Get the Egg! – pp. 96 - 107

October 3, 2022


October 4, 2022    





October 5 , 2022    

Math Exam October 6, 2022


Social Studies

October 7, 2022


*Continue to study in HW Binder

Letter Naming/Sound Fluency

September Nonsense Words

Fry’s 100 Sight Words

(1 - 75)

High Frequency Phrases #3 

Fry Words Fluency Sentences (41 - 60)



No Written HW

Study Spelling Word Sheets

  Review Previous Spelling Worksheets (Unit 1 (1 - 5)

Short a words & ck;                                            Short i words & x; 

Short o words, s/z/ & plural –s;               Inflected ending –ing & -s

Short e words & initial consonant blends        

      Language Arts 


No Written HW

  Review with someone at home in the Reader.

 *In Reading Book: Reread  Review with someone at home.

Sentences – p. 29                  Naming Parts of Sentences – p. 51

Action Parts of Sentences – p.73      Word Order of Sentences – p. 93

 Telling Sentences- p. 113               


Eureka Math

Review Lessons in Class





*See Front & Back of the Sheet.

October 4, 2022    

Reviewing Lessons 1 - 20 in Class

Topics A/B  & Topic - C        Topic – D/ Topic – E

Monday /Tuesday                    Wednesday/Thursday

No Written HW


 Social Studies

October 5, 2022    

Review with someone at home in the take-home folder.

*Study the Science Notes in the folder - Animal Parts

*Study the Social Studies Notes in folder - (Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens)

Words to Review & Study

back, sack, ran, mad, what, take, mix, dad, pin, rock, lock, lip,   from, too, wet, step, use, her, sits, sled

*Students will have to identify the correct spelling of the words.

*Listen to/identify the initial, middle, final sounds of words.

*Listen to/identify words that rhyme.

*Identify one and more than one.





*Reading - Students will listen to/follow along with a short story read aloud with the teacher, then answer questions related to the skills taught in the 1st Quarter.  


*Character & Setting, Plot, Main Ideas & Details













All 1st grade students received a study guide September 30, 2022



                                                                             1st Grade Homework Guide Sheet


WEEK OF: September 26, 2022 – September 30, 2022           Teachers: D. Broussard and E. Bell


*Please follow HW Sheet Daily 



 Book 1 Unit 1 Story 5






Tests on Fridays

Daily Activities Practice!  



Get the Egg!

By Alyssa  Capucilli

Illustrator: Bernard Adnet

Genre: Realistic Fiction

(Story Structure)


Use your Reader

Study the words for the story. 

Read pp. 96 -97 with someone.

Read the Story, “Get the Egg!”; Pp.98 - 109.

*Answer in the HW Notebook, p. 108     (Look Back and Write)

Reread the story.  Answer the question.  How did Brad and Kim save the red bird?

Reread the story with someone quietly or on YouTube.  Study for the test on Friday.

*Read the story, “Birds and Their Nest.”


 *Fry First Hundred Words Review Words 1 - 50

Study 51 - 75

*Letter Naming/Sound Fluency

*September Nonsense Word Fluency

*Read High-Fluency Phrases (List #3)

*Fry Word Fluency 60

*Reading stories can be youtube online for students to read along with each story

*All written work should be kept in the spiral tablet within the Red Homework Binder. Don’t tear sheets out of the tablet.

 Homework Assignments are posted on the school’s website.

*Place the Math Sheet for  that day’s assignment behind the written homework in the spiral tablet each day.  Do only that math sheet assigned for that day.

*Did you know you can time your child’s reading words & stories (1 minute) *Fun Timers:



Short e Words


  Initial Consonant Blends

Study your Spelling & Vocabulary Words           

(List #5)

Use your best handwriting 

*Blue Vowels!

Write each of your Spelling words. Trace over the vowels with your blue crayon/colored pencil. 

Vowels = a, e, i, o, u

Rainbow Write

First, write each word in pencil.  Then trace each word three times. Each time you trace, you must use a DIFFERENT color crayon. Trace neatly and you will see a rainbow!

Syllable Clap Write each spelling word. Say the word out loud.  Count how many syllables are in each word. Write the number next to each word.                           Ex. (cat - 1), (apple - 2)

Consonant Circle!

Write each of your spelling words. 


Go back and circle all of the consonants in your words!

     *Write neatly.


Telling Sentences

Read with someone in Reader, pp. 112 – 113 about Writing and Grammar.

Copy.  Statements that begin with a capital letter and usually end in a period are called Telling Sentences.

Write these sentences correctly.

  1. we saw a little egg

  2. a green frog hops up

  3. i see the kit lick her lips

Reread your story.

Write two telling sentences from the story, “Get the Egg!”

Eureka MATH

Succeed Book

The Commutative Property of Addition and the Equal Sign


 *Take out 1 Math Sheet

      Do & Turn in!!

Review: L17 HW Helper

 Page 71

Complete HW

 Page 73

*Take out 1 Math Sheet

      Do & Turn in!!


Review: L18 HW Helper

 Page 75

Complete HW

 Pages 77 - 78

*Take out 1 Math Sheet

      Do & Turn in!!



Review: L19 HW Helper 

Page 79

Complete HW

 Page 81 - 82

*Take out 1 Math Sheet

      Do & Turn in!!

Review: L20 HW Helper 

Page 83

Complete HW

 Page 85 - 86

*Take out 1 Math Sheet

      Do & Turn in!!


Stem Scopes 

Bundle 1 

Design of Nature

Parts of Animals

Activity 3

Animal Parts                           Tuesday

Special Words to Review             Study: 


                                    Definition Sheet 

Survive                             & Notes


Body Parts

External Parts

Grow & Needs     

Study:                                    Vocabulary                                                  Definition Sheet &                           Notes


Study:                                    Vocabulary                                                  Definition Sheet &                           Notes

*Save the Dates

*1st Quarter Ends October 4, 2022


*Review & Quarterly Exams  October 3, 2022 

October 6, 2022


*2nd Quarter Begins October 5, 2022

Be Neat & Study All Assignments!

Note: Check backpack daily.  Sign Agendas Book Daily.  Return important forms back to school when due.  Keep up with your child’s Homework Binder.   *Parent’s Conferences: Mondays - Thursdays (2:00 - 2:30) - Send a note/ Call the office for availability/or appointment.

 First Graders begin to receive numerical grades in all Subjects.   * Art - Mon., Wed., & Fri. -  P. E. – Tuesdays & Fridays 

                                                                 *First Grade starts on August 11, 2022  

The school day will begin promptly at 7:55 a.m. 

12:00 Dismissal 

First Full Day of School -- August 12, 2022 

2022 -2023

First Grade Class

Mrs. D. Broussard (Teacher) & (Paraprofessional) - MS. E. Bell

 Welcome students and parents to a new school year! We are so excited to have your child in our class. We are looking forward with getting to know your child and helping them succeed to a very exciting and productive school year. We plan to work closely with each child along with the help of you as parents. We are open for questions or concerns through our emails, webpage, and office.                                                        (email -


About First Grade

 First grade is an awesome and exciting grade. However, first grade will also be a challenging year of transitioning. Your child will continue to work with (Eureka Math), Reading Street, Stem Scope Science, and Social Studies concepts, language/grammar skills, and whole and small groups/partners reading/math, also independent reading comprehension skills. Please read all copies in your child's Red Homework Binder “What Your First Grader Should Know.” We believe that first grade is a year of growing independency and responsibility. This is the year your child will begin the grading system in the Parent/Student Handbook/Agenda Notebooks. Be sure to follow all guidelines and procedures in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Class Expectations

1. Listening Bodies (I will listen and follow direction.)

2. Raised Hands (I will raise my hands to share ideas.)

3. Quiet Mouths (I will use a soft voice.)

4. Be Ready to learn/Follow directions. (I will stay on task.)

5. Always Do Your Best. (I will stay focus.)

(Flip Sticks Strategies/Consequences)

1. Color Green – (Great) Positive Behavior – Incentives are given.

2. Color Yellow – (Good) Two Warnings – student is warned about behavior. No recess or any other activities.

3. Color Red – (Try Harder) Three Warnings – student loses the entire recess and other privileges.

Four/More Warnings – Parent will be notified by phone or notes, also Parent-Teacher Conferences.

* Major Offenses - an automatic behavior report or suspension will be given.


Students should be well prepared to start our day daily. Participation in class is part of the grade for each subject. Please get your child’s supplies in on time.


 Homework is given Monday-Thursday. Reading/Studying Vocabulary a few minutes on Fridays.  It promotes self-responsibility, establishes organizational skills, and provides parents with information as to what knowledge their child is mastering. Students are given a weekly copy of all homework assignments on Mondays. All homework should be completed and placed in their Homework Spiral 1” Notebook/Red Binder. Also, along with homework please have your child set aside time each night to read their assigned story for at least 20-30 minutes a day. Homework is counted as a grade. Follow the Homework guide sheet that is given to students on Mondays. Homework must be done neatly.

Assessment (Tests)

 Tests are given weekly. A review is given before tests. The graded tests and/or assignments are sent home in the students’ Red Homework Binder or the school’s website on Tuesday or Wednesday. Be sure to get your child’s Code. Parents should sign test sheet and return test papers the next day. DIBELS Assessment, and other assessments are given throughout the year.



Grading Percentages

• 15% - Homework

• 35% - Classwork/Participation/ Projects/Reports

• 25% - Tests/ Quizzes

* 25% - Exams 

• Refer to Agenda for Grading Scale


What Your First Grader Should Know.”


By first grade, your child is getting the hang of the school routine and is starting to be a more confident and responsible student. First grade is a wonderful year of self-discovery and blossoming independence.  Here are some of the basics of what your first grader should know this school year. 



Children in first grade will become fluent readers with many words, phrases, timed reading stories, and books.  Given the DIBELS assessment at the beginning of the year, they should be fluent readers by the end of the year. (The DIBELS is a reading assessment commonly used in schools in the Louisiana.) They also should be able to:

·        Read and comprehend main ideas.

·        Retell what happened in a story including main ideas, details about characters, setting and events.

·        Self-select just-right reading materials.

·        Make connections to their own background knowledge.

·        Read silently.

·        Timed Reading Stories

*Reading Books – Reading Street (5 Books). 



You’ll be amazed at how your first grader will be writing sentences with capital letters and proper punctuation. Your first grader should be able to:

·        Write in complete sentences with appropriate punctuation.

·        Use capital letters correctly.

·        Use and understand contractions.

·        Write stories with a beginning, middle and end.

·        Be able to do basic research from a non-fiction book.

·        Edit his/her owns writing for spelling and punctuation.

·        Writing basic paragraphs with a beginning, middle and final ending.

·        Read and Spell words correctly. 



*Math Books – Eureka Math – Modules 1 – 6 (Information can be found online for your child’s grade-level.

*Math in first grade builds on the previous year’s lessons and increases in difficulty. Kids in first grade math will: 

*Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.

*Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.

*Add and subtract within 20

*Work with addition and subtraction equations.

*Extending the counting sequence.

*Understand place value.

*Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract.

*Measure lengths indirectly and by literally length units.

*Supporting/Additional Skills to be learned:

    *Tell and write time.       

    *Represent and interpret data.

    *Work with money.

    *Reason with shapes and their attributes.       


Science/Social Studies - (Alternates)

* Stem Scope Science and Social Studies will receive guide sheets to read and study each week.  Sheets are sent home with homework weekly on Mondays.


*Other subjects are Religion, P.E., Computer, Visual Arts, Music  

*Catapult for some students.


*Keep up with Red Homework Binder and Important Information. Activities are added each week.


                                    *ALL READERS SHOULD BE COVERED AND HANDLE PROPERLY!!!

                                   *****Please Label All of Your Child's Supplies!!!

*NOTE: Parents

*Field Trips will be planned for the school year.  If any parent wishes to volunteer on Field Trips (Must) get a Background Check.