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Oh Give Thanks Unto The Lord! Psalm 136:1

Grades  Are Current- As of November 22, 2020

Students will complete Unit 1 Review assignment from Friday.  

Please complete any missing assignments for 2nd Quarter for a lesser grade.  


Week of November 9-13, 2020

Chapter 5 Weekly Assignments  can be found in Forms & Documents

Virtual Assignments: Google Classroom

Assignments can be found in Classwork. Assignments are assigned to students daily.  


First Quarter Graders are Current as of 11/6/2020

November 4-6, 2020, First Quarter Exams

*Students grades are current as of 11/2/2020


Week of 10/26-30/2020

First Quarter students are completed as of Friday, October 23rd. Students review study guide nightly. Religion Exam will be Wednesday, November 4th.  

Class Assignment: Thru the Bible from the Books of Matthew and Mark.    



Week of 10/19-23/2020 

Study Guide Chapters 1-4: Students will work on one Chapter a day.

Week of 10/12-16/2020  

We will not start a new chapter this week in religion. 

Students will learn about the 6 people On the Road to Sainthood 

Google Classroom: Classwork

Students in graders 6th-7th can use this week to complete all incomplete assignments for Chapters 1-4. 

Students will get a lesser grade for completing incomplete assignments.  


Grades Are Current As of Friday, October 2, 2020  

Week 4 Chapter 4 October 5-9, 2020

Weekly Assignments  can be found in Forms/Document. 

Virtual Students: 5th - 7th Check Classwork for Incomplete / Missing assignments.  Complete all Missing / Incomplete Assignments for a lesser grade.

The Weekend of September 19-20, 2020

* Complete all missing assignments that are assigned to you in Google Classroom

Getting Acquainted Week

5th -6th grade Chapter 1 pages 20-27

7th grade Chapter 1 pages 12-17 

*Missing assignments are due Sunday, September 20, 2020


Amazing Things Happen When You Try!

                    Determination Determines Your Destination 


Religion Schedule

2nd Grade: Monday- Friday 2:00-2:45 

6th Grade: Monday - Thursday 8:10-9:05

                       Friday 9:50-10:35

5th Grade: Monday- Thursday 9:10-10:05

                      Friday-10:40 11:25

7th Grade: Monday - Thursday 10:10- 11:15 

                      Friday 11:30-12:15